Nicole White , President, Principal Designer

About Nicole White, President and Principal Designer

Nicole White Designs Interiors is an award-winning and nationally published interior design firm. Recently voted among the Top 25 Interior Design Firms by the South Florida Luxury Guide, and among the ten emerging designers to watch by the Black Interior Designers Network, Nicole and her team are dedicated to transforming the spaces and lives of our clients homes and businesses.

Known for our renovation prowess, we cultivate intimate and long-standing relationships with clients as they design for the varying stages of their lives, and often spend years working on various projects throughout our clients homes, businesses and vacation homes.

A Jamaican native, Nicole is deeply inspired by the bold colors and textures of the Caribbean, and constantly fuses those elements throughout her designs. When not dreaming up new design plans, she enjoys traveling, sampling great food at some of South Florida's best eateries, wine tasting and creating great pieces of art with her son, Xavier.


  Edina Houston  Interior Designer, Design Assistant

Edina Houston
Interior Designer, Design Assistant

Edina is a fab member of our design team and gate keeper of our schedules! A graduate of Palm Beach College's Interior Design program, Edina juggles her design life with being a mom to two precocious toddlers, is a self proclaimed modern-day hippie mom, nature lover and Feng Shui enthusiast. She's also keeps our office stacked with the healthiest treats and is our in-house DJ who keeps us jamming to the latest and greatest tunes all day long. 

  Debbie Brown  Design Assistant

Debbie Brown
Design Assistant

Debbie has been a part of the NWD team for almost ten years. She has the uncanny ability to find anything, and we do mean anything, and is our go-to team member when sourcing for that perfect item for all our design projects. She is a fashion and makeup aficionado and mom of two kids with paws - Sammy and Colby.

  Gloribell Lebron  Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Design Assistant

Gloribell Lebron
Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Design Assistant

Gloribell is an interior designer and blogger, and fab member of our design team. Gloribell is known for her meticulous attention to detail, savvy social media skills, amazing selfies and photos, and saves us daily by translating our design needs to our mostly Spanish-speaking trades - no easy task.

Gloribell is also our in house barista and travels with her special coffee machine - no lie. A busy mom of three adorable girls, Gloribell somehow makes it all look easy and we are waiting on her tell-all on her book divulging all the secrets.